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Learn How To Face Paint For Beginners

Discover How Simple & Fun It Is To Master The Art Of Face Painting.
Kids Will Glow With Excitement When You Start Painting Faces At A
Birthday Party Or Charity Event!"

  • Step-By-Step Photo Library of over 40 Super Simple Designs!
  • An ingeniously simple secret to making sure that two colors painted close together never smudge
  • Learn the "why's" for each essential face painting tool. You'll also discover which tools are absolutely necessary for your success as a face painter.
  • How to organize your face painting workspace or booth so your customers will be lined up out the door.
  • Amazing professional-looking designs that can be completed by even a novice in three minutes or less!

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How to make roman shades

Learn how to sew pleated drapes like a professional seamstress!

This report reveals a step-by-step illustrated system that thousands of beginner sewers are already using to adorn their windows with amazing custom pleated drapes.

Written by a woman who has already made all the expensive mistakes and undergone the infuriating frustrations of learning the absolute easiest and best way to make professional quality pleated drapes. She shows you exactly what to do from design to installation… and MUCH more!

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The Metal Plating Bible

Yes! You Can Do Your Own Professional
Metal Plating, Quickly and Easily and for a Fraction of the Cost, With This Top-Notch Metal Plating Information.

Step By Step, Hold-You-By-The-Hand - Metal Plating Information That Leads You Through Exactly What You Have To Do....

Information That Deals With Specifics - Covering Every Conceivable Metal Plating Issue That Could Arrise, The Dozens of Possible Plating Situations That You Might Be In - And What You Need To Know Or Do To Get the Job Done!

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