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Pregnancy without Pounds

How many times do you hear moms complaining about the “last” five or ten pounds from pregnancy that they just CAN’T seem to lose?

In this book , you'll find proven program for you to get through your pregnancy in better shape than most other women in as little as 27 minutes a few days a week and with minimal effort. It contains all the information  to look and feel like I did – barefoot and beautiful!

Just some of the secrets

 How to avoid gaining weight in all the WRONG places… Hint - it’s in the body type and Yes you can do something about it….pg.04

• Which specific core strengthening exercises will make your labor easier……pg.38

• How to speed up your post-partum weight loss (easily!)…

• 10 steps to stop the cellulite invasion …

• What to eat to reduce food cravings, puffy face and varicose veins…

• 10 Tips for fighting pregnancy acne…

and much more

Act now to look and feel barefoot and beautiful!

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PC Tattletale

Is your child safe when they're online alone?

How would you know?

The Internet is an haven for child molesters, sexual offenders
& pedophiles. Right now, these sexual predators are "trolling"
the net looking for a child just like yours!

But there is a software program that can help keep our kids
safe when they go online

Protect your kids when they go online : Act now

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